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Monday, September 17, 2012

Richmond Kickers - 20 Professional Years

Several leagues and hundreds of clubs in American soccer history have called themselves professional.

 For the RICHMOND KICKERS it has actually been 20 years this season.

The 1993 Team posing in their original green shirts.

With a modern record of 77 wins in U.S. Open Cup history, the club has weathered the storm of re-organization, folding franchises and rebranding of their perspective leagues.  

They have played Cup Giant Killers since the onset of Major League Soccer, now two divisions above them.   They are the club that began the modern era by winning the 1995 U.S. Open Cup.

The 1995 National Champions

The Kickers are a club from top to bottom with tremendous local support both with fans and businesses. The Kickers are identified through several levels of youth teams, all wearing their red jerseys worn ever since their cup triumph. 

This year the club celebrated its 20th anniversary by wearing a specially made green shirt tops which reflect the inaugural season.

The Special jerseys made for the 20th Anniversary

David Bulow returned to the Kickers in 201 for his third tour of duty. After scoring against Sporting Kansas City in last year's Open Cup tournament, he became the sole record holder of the most goals in the 99 year competition.

David Bulow in Action

Bulow's 14 tallies surpassed Johnny Menyongar and 100-goal MLS legend Jamie Moreno who are tied at 13 goals each.

The Kickers have been a solid competitor in the American professional ranks but also the stepping stone for top notch players like Dwayne DeRosario and Richie Williams. 

David Bulow's 20th Anniversary Richmond Kickers jersey has been kindly donated to the International Soccer Archives. (Thanks to Shelley Sowers)

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