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Friday, September 7, 2012

CANADA ... 100 Years of Soccer

Congratulations to the CANADIAN SOCCER ASSOCIATION in celebrating their 100th anniversary.
The foundation of the Dominion of Canada Football Association began in May 1912 and culminated in joining F.I.F.A. in December of that year.

Here are some of those artifacts from the ISA Collection:

1996 Team signed jersey 

Canada's 1st major trophy came as the 2000 CONCACAF Gold Cup Winners.

The Panini Mexico86 issue (above) marked the first appearance of Canada in the famed World Cup collectable sticker set. 

An official match program from 1976 featuring Pele.

Pele and the North American Soccer League (NASL)  helped developed the Canadian talent in the 1970's with professional teams in Montreal, Toronto, Edmonton, Calgary and Vancouver.

A rare keepsake medal from the 1980 Tour of Canada by Irish Football League XI.

The British sides were just one of many touring teams that crossed the Dominion of Canada. The earliest being the English amateurs "Pilgrims" in 1905. 

A rare 1910 England v. Scotland medal

The British influence on Canadian Soccer is marked by this 1910 International match (above) representing England vs. Scotland under the direction of Montreal Association Football.

Other Ethnic influences such as the NASL Toronto Metro-Croatia won the NASL title in 1976. Vancouver Whitecaps followed with a Championship in 1979. 

Frank Yallop's # 4 Canada jersey

FRANK YALLOP was born in Canada, but played the majority of his professional career with Ipswich Town in England. He has represented Canada both as a National Team player and their manager.

A rare Gold medal from Toronto Scottish F.C.

Toronto Scottish F.C. were National Champions as well as regional Champions in  the 1920's. 

Regional Associations had great power and influence when Canada was still in its infancy. 

Today, Canada has 3 professional clubs in Major League Soccer and 2 in the North American Soccer League. The National Team is currently qualifying for the 2014 FIFA World Cup.

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