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Friday, April 12, 2013

US Soccer - Bell Ringing, Building Lighting and Other Wasted Chances

The opportunity for all parts of the nation to celebrate the 100th Anniversary of American soccer was sadly missed when US Soccer went to New York this week.
There were a good number of former players in attendance followed by some speeches and executives in suits playing up to Wall Street and the Empire State Building.
However, what was missing were the tangible symbols of the celebration. Other than the "100 Years" banners, there was little for Americans to embrace as a remembrance of this event.
Our suggestion, dismissed by the Federation without explanation, was to have every team that participated in this year's U.S. Open Cup should have wear a patch commemorating the Centennial on their shirts.
Bobby Moore (left), and Pele (right), with Gerry Francis (center), wear the Bicentennial patch.  
Would this idea cost less than the lighting of the Empire State building ? Could it be embraced by every club in the Open Cup from every small town to the biggest MLS city ?
What type of legacy has US Soccer Federation to show for itself after 100 years of great history ? The most recent inductees to the US's Soccer Hall of Fame (Peter Vermes and Tab Ramos) were notified that they have been enshrined into a "non-existent" building (no Hall or even a hallway). Don't they deserve better ?
In 1976, when the nation was observing its Bicentennial, the much maligned North American Soccer League (NASL), put patches on the sleeves of its soccer teams.  It even allowed its players to participate in a 4 team tournament which included Italy, England and Brazil - called the Bicentennial Cup.
The Official match program of the 1976 tournament.
It seems with only 100 years to prepare for this anniversary, US Soccer might have planned a bit more substance for all the American people.
The good news is that its only April and there is still time to create something for the century mark of the game in America.

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  1. Thank you for sharing. Soccer patches are a must-have for anyone playing or participating in the sport!