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Sunday, May 30, 2010

Noel Lemon Collection - Part 2

The array of soccer history that has been added to the I.S.A. Collection is rich indeed. The silver salver presented to the US National Team by the Colombian club "Millionarios" was made for the very first Marboro Cup in 1987.

The silverware (above) was finely crafted and engraved. The edging depicts the 11 districts that make up the Republic of Colombia.

Also included in the collection are several National and club penants that were exchanged before some of the international and friendly matches. The large satin banners like Peru (below), Colombia and Juventus are very ornate and colorful.

Lemon's organization - Mundial International Ltd., was a catalyst in expanding international tours and was the first to bring the Colombian National Team to play England at Wembley Stadium.

Mundial also facilitated the first tour for Peru on European soil. As a token to commemorate the match between Holland and Peru in October 1998, this ornate silver and gem stone statue (below) was created.

More in Part 3.

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